How it all began

"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

I was very fortunate that at the birth of my first child I’d already had some theoretical preparation on how to raise her bilingually. Although it did not protect me from the many dilemmas and doubts. The biggest crisis we experienced was when our daughter turned two years old and still couldn’t speak. Neither one language or the other! You can imagine the pressures of the environment for us to drop one language. Of course we kept hearing that bilingualism was to blame for this difficult situation, but we didn’t give up and now my daughter’s languages are above standard for her age in both speaking and writing. After these and many other difficult experiences in the early stages of my daughter’s language development I felt that my theoretical knowledge passed the practical test and I looked forward to the birth of our son. I thought that nothing would surprise me, but how wrong was I! My son developed differently because he’s just a different person with different talents. Also the presence of his older sister, already a small bilingual chatterbox, changed the entire family situation. So the whole language environment in which my son has been growing up has been different from the very beginning and therefore we have encountered other difficulties. Now as my daughter is eight years old and my son four, it makes me proud to watch them both speak two languages ​​with such ease and without mixing. Switching between languages ​​and translating are completely natural to them. But what gives me the greatest satisfaction is seeing how my children feel equally comfortable in English and Polish environments. And this is not only thanks to their bilingualism, but also their biculturalism.

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